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ValueRebl is a high converting home value landing page system.

Much different than a traditional home value lead capture page, ValueRebl uses a customized, animated, and no-nonsense approach.

  1. Customize your landing page or use our default template.
  2. A potential lead is prompted to enter their address. As soon as they enter it an animation is kicked off as the system finds and evaluates the subject property. Simultaneously, you will receive an instant text and/or email indicating that a new lead is incoming. Even if the lead stops right then you already have their address!
  3. When the animation has completed the lead is prompted to enter their contact info to get their value estimate. Once entered another animation kicks off which provides the lead with a high and low range of value. Simultaneously, you will receive an instant new lead text and/or email.

As with OpenRebl and CatchRebl, a set up Facebook Pixel, Google Tag Manager or Google Analytics trigger will fire and your lead will be pushed to any connected Integrations.

ValueRebl included with OpenRebl Pro