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How is OpenRebl the SIMPLEST and MOST POWERFUL?

SimpleRebl Logo Offer item of Value

OpenRebl is an a Open House visitor registration system, yet so much more…

With OpenRebl you’ll never have to ask for a visitor’s contact info without being able to offer something in return. Either take your visitor’s contact info and enter it directly into your mobile device, or have your visitor enter it themselves. OpenRebl will then instantly text or email your visitor a property website, virtual tour, list of nearby properties, or any link/website that you have to offer. Most of our Agents simple send the visitor to their property info website.

Item of Value

SimpleRebl Logo Send item of Value

After offering to send your item of value simply ask for your Open House visitor’s name and mobile number. If they object to a number you can ask for an email address. The moment you enter this into OpenRebl, the system will instantly text or email the visitor your link. This instant text or email immediately opens up a new chain of communication with the lead and sets the OpenRebl system info motion.

SimpleRebl Logo Instant lead Capture

OpenRebl will instantly create a new lead in our system which you can quickly and easily update, view, add notes and download. You own your leads and can take them with you. This saves you time by not having to transpose a lead into a lead management system. All leads can be viewed, edited and exported.

New Lead

OpenRebl Pro Features:

SimpleRebl Logo Connect to your CRM

As a professional, you should already have a CRM or some way to manage your contacts. OpenRebl will automatically connect with most CRMs and email marketing tools to create a new contact/lead. Even if you use Gmail or a Google Sheet to manage your contacts we most likely can connect with it using our Zapier Integration. This saves you from “forgetting” to add your open house visitor to your CRM or Email. If your CRM is set up with action plans you can have these automatically trigger.

View our full list of integrations here.

SimpleRebl Logo The magic of Retargeting

Retargeting is a way of advertising via Facebook ads and Google Ads to anyone who has visited your website, web pages, or Facebook content. It is a very inexpensive way to market as you only pay to advertise to people who have already shown interest in your business.

OpenRebl makes retargeting simple. If you have Google or Facebook Ad accounts you can easily connect them to our system with no code required. The moment anyone clicks on your open house item of value link, you will capture their retargeting info so you can then serve them with Facebook or Google Ads.

SimpleRebl Logo Google Analytics

All SimpleRebl products, including OpenRebl, can be connected with Google Analytics. This allows you to have access to the most detailed performance metrics.

SimpleRebl Logo Works on Any Device

OpenRebl works on any device. There are no apps or special software required. You can use OpenRebl on a laptop, smartphone, tablet, or desktop computer. The only requirement is some sort of data signal. If you can visit on your device you can use OpenRebl.

Only 3 SIMPLE Steps:

Step 1:

Start your Open House by giving it a name and copying your item of value (link). Most of the time Agents use a link to their property website with more info about the listing.

Step 2:

Enter your visitor’s info. This new lead will then instantly receive a text or email with your item of value including your contact information.

If you prefer to have your visitor sign-in themselves and would like a nice sign-in screen you can use that as well:

Step 3 (optional):

Add notes about your visitor.

EasyRebl Logo OpenRebl vs the competition:

Additional Included Features:

  • Simple Setup
  • Add notes after Open House Visitor Leaves
  • Edit/Delete Leads
  • Export leads to CSV
  • Month to Month Subscription
  • Cancel Anytime
  • Email / Text / Phone Support

Ready to Sign Up?

Get OpenRebl for FREE, or upgrade to PRO:


  • Open House Registration System
  • Instantly Text or Email Info to Visitor
  • View all Leads
  • Edit/Delete Leads
  • Export Leads to CSV

$1995 per month

  • Open House Registration System
  • Instantly Text or Email Info to Visitor
  • View all Leads
  • Edit/Delete Leads
  • Export Leads to CSV
  • Integrations (more info)
  • Automatically Send Lead to most CRMs
  • Automatically Send Lead to MailChimp
  • Connect to Google Analytics
  • Connect to Google Tag Manager (for serving ads)
  • Connect Facebook Pixel (for serving ads)
  • CatchRebl System (more info)