3 Products to boost your Lead Gen

SimpleRebl Logo OpenRebl

Open House registration system on steroids.

Take your typical open house sign-in sheet and literally throw it in the trash. Actually give your open house visitor something of value for their contact info. Quickly capture their number and/or email and instantly send them a message with a valuable property info link.

SimpleRebl Logo ValueRebl

Home Value landing pages but better.

How are ours different? We took the typical home value landing page and completely ignored it… Then we built a mobile-optimized, animated experience from the ground up to maximize engagement. All for a significantly lower cost than our competition.

SimpleRebl Logo CatchRebl

Puts an end to wasted, untracked link clicks.

They say that every time someone clicks a Real Estate Agent’s link and isn’t asked for any contact info an Agent loses its wings (commission). Similar to a link shortener our Catch Pages allow you to either require or respectfully suggest that the clicker leaves some contact info.

Includes Integrations with your systems…

Use our Free Zapier Integration to automatically send leads to most CRMs and Email Marketing Systems:

here are some of our many integrations…

Connect your Retargeting and Analytics…

Haven’t heard of retargeting? You know how you visit a website and then start seeing ads everywhere for that company? That is retargeting.

Integrate Facebook Pixel, Google Tag Manager, and Google Analytics into all of your links and lead gen pages.

This allows you to target Facebook Ads and Google Ads to leads who click on your links.

Also, by integrating Google Analytics you can track, count, graph and display your performance metrics with extreme detail.

Included Basic Features…

  • New Lead Text Notifications
  • New Lead Email Notifications
  • Simple 1 Minute Setup
  • CRM/EMAIL Integrations
  • View all Leads
  • Edit / Delete Leads
  • Export Leads to CSV
  • Month to Month Subscriptions
  • Cancel Anytime
  • Phone Support
  • Email Support
  • Text Support

More System Details…

EasyRebl Logo OpenRebl

OpenRebl is not your ordinary open house registration app or open house sign-in sheet.

Typical open house registration apps or paper sign-in sheets simply DO NOT offer any perceived value to your open house visitor. Our competitors with registration apps do offer value to the Agent, but what about the visitor? NOTHING!

OpenRebl allows you to offer valuable info to your visitors such as listing details, a virtual tour, or any other great content that you are already providing as part of your Listing Plan!

Offer Value, get contact info, and automatically connect your visitor to all of your integrated Lead systems with OpenRebl.

Plus, if you have Retargeting set up, as soon as the visitor clicks your link you have captured their Facebook and Google Retargeting/Remarketing info so you can instantly serve Facebook and Google Ads to them.

Learn more about OpenRebl HERE.

EasyRebl Logo OpenRebl compared to others:

EasyRebl Logo ValueRebl

ValueRebl is a high converting home value landing page system.

Much different than a traditional home value lead capture page, ValueRebl uses a customized, animated, and no-nonsense approach.

  1. Customize your landing page or use our default template.
  2. A potential lead is prompted to enter their address. As soon as they enter it an animation is kicked off as the system finds and evaluates the subject property. Simultaneously, you will receive an instant text and/or email indicating that a new lead is incoming. Even if the lead stops right then you already have their address!
  3. When the animation has completed the lead is prompted to enter their contact info to get their value estimate. Once entered another animation kicks off which provides the lead with a high and low range of value. Simultaneously, you will receive an instant new lead text and/or email.

As with OpenRebl and CatchRebl, a set up Facebook Pixel, Google Tag Manager or Google Analytics trigger will fire and your lead will be pushed to any connected Integrations.

EasyRebl Logo CatchRebl

CatchRebl Catch Pages work very similarly to a link shortener, however, they allow you to attempt to collect contact info for anyone who clicks on your links. When someone clicks on your link they see your content (slightly blurred) with a pop-up window prompting them to enter contact info. You can set the pop-up in the following ways:

  1. Require: Force visitor to enter name and email to see your content.
  2. One Time: Allow your visitor to skip contact entry one time, the next time it will be required.
  3. Soft: Never require contact info, but ask every time.
  4. None: No pop-up window asking for contact info. Link goes straight to your content. (but will still trigger Retargeting/Analytics if set up).

CatchRebl will remember if someone submits their contact info and won’t ask for it again.

Once entered, your new lead will be pushed to any connected CRM or Email Marketing Integrations.

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