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CatchRebl Catch Pages work very similarly to a link shortener, however, they allow you to attempt to collect contact info for anyone who clicks on your links. When someone clicks on your link they see your content (slightly blurred) with a pop-up window prompting them to enter contact info. You can set the pop-up in the following ways:

  1. Require: Force visitor to enter name and email to see your content.
  2. One Time: Allow your visitor to skip contact entry one time, the next time it will be required.
  3. Soft: Never require contact info, but ask every time.
  4. None: No pop-up window asking for contact info. Link goes straight to your content. (but will still trigger Retargeting/Analytics if set up).

CatchRebl will remember if someone submits their contact info and won’t ask for it again.

Once entered, your new lead will be pushed to any connected CRM or Email Marketing Integrations.

CatchRebl included with OpenRebl Pro