Easily nurture your contacts to significantly boost your business.

SimpleRebl is the simplest and most effective way to nurture relationships with the people who are proven to bring you the most business and greatly increase your Real Estate lead generation.

Do you want to turn more of your past clients, friends, and fans into more business? According to a NAR survey, 87% of past clients would use their agent again but only 25% do. This is because 91% of agents never follow up with them.

Nearly all Real Estate CRMs help to stay in contact with your friends, past clients, and biggest fans, but none of them are easy to use, time efficient, and simple!

That’s why we created SimpleRebl. It’s the easiest way to keep in touch with the people who bring you business. Just open our app and we’ll tell you who to contact with one tap. No hassle, practically zero setup, and no excuses.
Using SimpleRebl for Real Estate Lead Generation

How does this help Real Estate lead generation?

SimpleRebl is a powerful add-on to your existing CRM or address book that handles all the scheduling, notes, and task management of keeping in touch with your contacts with practically zero setup. If someone needs to be contacted we will display the contact, in one click you can text/call/email in the app you use on your smartphone.

Step 1:

Connect to your CRM/Contacts

With a few taps, connect to your CRM or Address Book. On the same setup page, you can also:

  • Quickly see any of your groups
  • See how many contacts need to be contacted
  • See your weekly and all-time stats
  • Choose daily, weekly, or no reminders
    We will remind you when you have contacts that you need to contact so you never have to check-in to see if you have people to contact.
SimpleRebl Dashboard for Real Estate Lead Generation

Step 2: Contact!

Start Contacting

A contact is displayed, once you have made any changes, contacted them or skipped them, the next contact is displayed. The main screen allows you to:

  • See who you need to connect with
  • See any Sources, Tags, and Groups
  • Update how often to contact this person
  • Review notes, add notes, change groups
  • Tap to Text, Call, or Email Contact
    This will immediately open up a text, call or email to this contact in the default app on your smartphone. You can even set up “default” messages that will pre-populate with the contact’s name to save time when you have a specific message to send in the current session.
  • Skip or Snooze
    If you are not ready to contact this person, Skip to not see them again until the next time period, or Snooze to temporarily skip until your next session.
  • On to the next one!
    The next contact is immediately displayed.

How many more closings should you have?

Real Estate lead generation is a numbers game. There are widely used and validated stats that can predict the potential value of your contacts. The highest converting “lead” type of real estate professionals are personal contacts such as friends and past clients. These are also the most forgotten about. Agents can be good about mass emails/texts but often fall short of maintaining and nurturing that personal relationship.

Try our calculator to determine the potential value of your contacts using the industry-accepted stats below:

How many contacts do you have that you could send a personal message to?

How many of these are you already currently in contact with regularly?

Potential Annual Additional Closings:


What does this do?

It is easier to compare what this does to what this doesn’t do:

  • For your existing CRM or address book
  • For the contacts that bring you business (friends, past clients, biggest fans)
  • Makes sure you never forget to contact anyone
  • Only requires reactive usage
  • Automatically handles everything
  • Contact who you need to with one tap
  • Records all contacts in your CRM
  • Allows you to change groups CRM
  • Allows you to make notes in your CRM
  • Not CRM or address book
  • Not for cold leads
  • Not for random internet leads
  • Does not mass text/email
  • Does not require extensive setup
  • Not difficult to use
  • Does not require proactive usage
  • Does not require extensive task management to remember who to contact
  • Does not require multiple systems to make notes, set follow-up tasks, and to call/text/email your contacts.

How can I get this?

Great news! We currently are offering this Real Estate Lead Generation tool for FREE for users of Chime CRM during our BETA period. All we ask is that you provide us with any valuable feedback. Soon, this will be available to connect with many more CRMs and Address Books.

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