OpenRebl: The Ultimate Open House System

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Open House registration system on steroids.

Take your typical open house sign-in sheet and recycle it. Actually give your open house visitor something of value for their contact info. Quickly capture their phone number and/or email and instantly send them a message with a valuable property info link. Connect the lead directly to your CRM without any extra work.

See a quick OpenRebl Demo HERE.

Includes Integrations with your systems…

Use our Free Zapier Integration to automatically send leads to most CRMs and Email Marketing Systems:

here are some of our many integrations, click here for a full list…

Connect your Retargeting and Analytics…

Haven’t heard of retargeting? You know how you visit a website and then start seeing ads everywhere for that company? That is retargeting.

Integrate Facebook Pixel, Google Tag Manager, and Google Analytics into all of your links and lead gen pages.

This allows you to target Facebook Ads and Google Ads to leads who click on your links.

Also, by integrating Google Analytics you can track, count, graph and display your performance metrics with extreme detail.


  • New Lead Text Notifications
  • New Lead Email Notifications
  • Simple 1 Minute Setup
  • CRM/EMAIL Integrations
  • View all Leads
  • Edit / Delete Leads
  • Export Leads to CSV
  • Month to Month Subscriptions
  • Cancel Anytime
  • Phone Support
  • Email Support
  • Text Support

More System Details…

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OpenRebl is not your ordinary open house registration app or open house sign-in sheet.

Typical open house registration apps or paper sign-in sheets simply DO NOT offer any perceived value to your open house visitor. Our competitors with registration apps do offer value to the Agent, but what about the visitor/lead? NOTHING!

OpenRebl allows you to offer valuable info to your visitors such as listing details, a virtual tour, or any other great content that you are already providing as part of your Listing Plan!

Offer Value, get contact info, and automatically connect your visitor to all of your integrated Lead systems with OpenRebl.

Plus, if you have Retargeting set up, as soon as the visitor clicks your link you have captured their Facebook and Google Retargeting/Remarketing info so you can instantly serve Facebook and Google Ads to them.

Learn more about OpenRebl HERE.

EasyRebl Logo OpenRebl compared to others:

Simple Ordering


  • Open House Registration System
  • Instantly Text or Email Info to Visitor
  • View all Leads
  • Edit/Delete Leads
  • Export Leads to CSV

$1995 per month

  • Open House Registration System
  • Instantly Text or Email Info to Visitor
  • View all Leads
  • Edit/Delete Leads
  • Export Leads to CSV
  • Integrations (more info)
  • Automatically Send Lead to most CRMs
  • Automatically Send Lead to MailChimp
  • Connect to Google Analytics
  • Connect to Google Tag Manager (for serving ads)
  • Connect Facebook Pixel (for serving ads)
  • CatchRebl System (more info)

OpenRebl: More Info HERE